Affective Infrastructures – Discussion


Affective Infrastructures – Discussion

Moderated by Maya Indira Ganesh, Femke Snelting

Sat, 02.02.2019 15:0018:00
Exhibition Hall 1
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As machine reading systems increasingly capture emotions, classify behaviours, and influence collective feeling, the need for a different relation with “infrastructure” and “affect” emerges. Over the past few months, this Study Circle has explored and exemplified affective infrastructures by building an inventory, or, more appropriately, an “archipelago” of items: accent recognition systems, artificial companions, emojis, #metoo spreadsheets, language/s and code/s, while keeping associations among them purposely loose and open. At this event, Study Circle participants will introduce, perform, and discuss entries from the archipelago and explore how imaginative, living infrastructures can accommodate multiplicity and difference, mobilize bodies, and build new worlds.


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