Change in Latitude


Change in Latitude

Sun, 03.02.2019 12:0014:00
Lecture Hall
Passes and Single Tickets

The Eurocentric map that dominates the representation of the world symbolizes a global balance of power that has shifted over time in a political, economic as well as technical sense. Today, position detection and navigation on Earth and in the air are controlled and visualized by the signals of an international network of satellite systems. While this has radically changed our contemporary image of the world, the transmission of geodata has long been part of our everyday mobile life. In Sunstone, Filipa César and Louis Henderson trace this technological and cultural development through the history of the lighthouse and colonial trade. In addition, the program presents films by Stephanie Comilang and Graeme Arnfield which, taking as their starting points weekly messages sent home by Filipino migrant workers in Hong Kong and the media circulation of seemingly supernatural phenomena in the Canadian skies, tell of the affects of all-encompassing connectivity.


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