¥€$Si PERSE (b. 2015, Internet)

Economystic RPG PsyAvatar that fights to produce neurodungeon atmospheres, artificial paradises and cyber-medieval fantasies beyond camp. Synthesized as the result of interests in cyborg / otherkin themes that ended up manifesting, formally and performatively, in a RPG (Role Play Game) character inhabiting the avatar realm. Their identity is fluid, clonic, multiple, an undefined avatar representation that embodies the scifi-fantasy of gender.

¥€$Si PERSE is resident artist at HANGAR.ORG, a centre for artistic research and production in Barcelona. Among some of their contributions in the artistic field, they have acted both in the institutional framework, forming part of the programming of V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media (Rotterdam), Naves Matadero (Madrid), La Capella (Barcelona) or IVAM (Valencian Institute of Modern Art) and in the Spanish night scene at Club Marabú, Sala Siroco or ZEN55.

The current work of ¥€$Si revolves around the mutation of institutional artistic performance with memetic variations that come from popular performative formalizations such as party contexts (using the DJ Set as a format), Cosplay / Larp Conventions (Live Role) and Online Communities.



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