Uneasy Alliances – Workshop


Uneasy Alliances – Workshop

Moderated by Wojciech Kosma, Ewa Majewska

Thu, 31.01.2019 11:0014:00

This workshop is a participatory “rehearsal” for an embodied public discussion about uneasy alliances, organized by a transmediale Study Circle that has been working on this topic since October last year. At the heart of the discussion is the need to invent new theoretical languages and practical methodologies for acting together in heterogeneity, across social layers and hierarchies today. How to inspire action and non-competitive relations, using solidarity and care as guiding principles? Participants will be asked to participate in a rehearsal of a call and response methodology focusing on experiences and challenges of working in alliance. These will include—but not be limited to—techno-alliances, eco-alliances, alliances under neo-liberalism, and the role of language, theory, and distances (physical, economical, cultural ones). Common to all of these approaches should be a demand for the immediate unlearning of privilege and oppression.


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